Element FX Forex Trading System

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Element FX positions itself as a strategy for scalping. Therefore, as a rule, of such strategies better suited highly volatile currency pairs during the European session. Element FX is not complicated to use strategy and will suit even the novice trader.

Element Forex consist of 2 parts. But each part, is packed with features. More features than 15 individual vague indicators you may be using. The problem with the common indicators, is that they don`t give you an actual signal. They only show you graph based indication in which you yourself have to decide if it’s a buy or sell. Element FX actually does tell you when to Buy or Sell. And it does much more as well.
Settings information

The default of the software is set to a 5 pips trigger. This is meant for a M5 to a M15 Time Frames and even M1. If you are wanting to trade higher Time Frames, then you must increase the trigger amount. Using a small trigger on a high Time Frame is pointless. You will notice that the lines are almost overlapping each other if you go onto the higher Times Frames. That is because the trigger is currently set to 5 pips. You have to increase this this number. So to do this, go into the “indicator settings” and scroll down to the option called iPips Trigger and you will notice the number is 5. So increase that number Time Frames you go.
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