THV Forex Trading System

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a system for scalping on M1 and M5 for many years used by traders worldwide and has proven its accuracy and reliability for intra-day trade.

Rules of strategy THV System

Log in trade:

• If the price is above the Coral, then only buy. If below – only sell.

• If the fast line crosses the slow Trix top to bottom – a potential sell signal. Bottom up – to buy.

• To open an order is necessary to ensure the price has recently returned to the Ichimoku cloud.

• Filter to open positions is Trix MTF – it is necessary that it was at least 6 squares of color of our position, and two of them should be in the first two rows.

Stop loss:

• Stop-loss is set either on the basis of ATR (displayed in a separate window), or slightly above / below the last local minimum / maximum. Also available in fixed stop in the amount of items selected by the trader.

Take profit:

• Take-profit or exhibited at levels of support / resistance levels or Pivots (potential reversal point) constructed indicator automatically.


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