Ozymandias Non Repaint Indicator

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Ozymandias indicator keeps track of market trends with absolute reliability, ignoring the sharp fluctuations and market noise.

– Amazingly easy to use in trade

– Finds moments overbought / oversold

– Gives you the opportunity to always safely to trade without market impact noise

– Allows you to avoid sharp turns on intraday charts

Ozymandias Indicator suitable for trade in small timeframes, because it ignores the sudden price spikes or correction of the price movement by lowering market noise around the mean of price. Boost your trading activity and be stable in a time when everything remains shaky.

The principle of operation of the Ozymandias indicator

Ozymandias Indicator displays a colored line surrounding the price range. Colored line represents the average of price of a currency pair, and the price band displays overbought / oversold. If the average of prices of the blue, you should look for entry points for opening long positions when the market is not overbought, and if the average price of red, you should look for an entry point to open short positions when the market is oversold.



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